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Birch Sep 21 '16
I realized I should probably post!

My name is Birch Wind- at least it's the name I go by most often in public venues. I don't know if it's really a 'magical' name as much as it is a name taken to help me on my spiritual journey. 

I chose the name because it reflects my goal. To be like a tree in the wind, rooted but able to sway and dance in the breeze. Also the birch has a lot of meanings - rebirth, unity of opposites and such, so I quite like it.

I am in the Bardic grade of the OBOD and am also an eclectic Wiccan and  Semetic Polytheistic devotee of El and Athirat. 

I also have a very deep interest in Gnosticism and a love for the wisdom teachings found in the Gospel of Thomas. 

I like to blog, and to take lots of pictures, and enjoy video games. Anything else anyone would like to know, feel free to ask!