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Website Information. Read Here First
Please read for our Community Guidelines and tips for using the site.
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Birch · Oct 1 '16
In Community guidelines
Site Updates or News
Any news, changes or other relevant info about the website will be found here.
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Round the Fire Topics Replies Last Reply
Meet and Greet
Take a moment to introduce yourself
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Birch · Jan 30 '17
In Greetings from British Columbia Canada
Tavern Talk
Pull up a chair, grab your favourite brew (be it ale or bean juice) and share in some conversation - you want to be off topic? THIS is the place to be!
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Hearth and Garden Topics Replies Last Reply
In the Kitchen
Share some of your favourite recipes for food and beverage
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Healing Naturally
Share your recipes for salves, balms and tinctures - keeping in mind that the ideas shared here are not a replacement for medical treatment.
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Birch · Apr 20 '16
In Healing Salve
Round the Garden
What's growing in your garden? Share gardening tips, pictures and ideas.
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Divination Topics Replies Last Reply
To discuss favourite decks, methods, spreads and more.
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Birch · Sep 21 '16
In I seem to enjoy the lower rated decks
The Pagan Umbrella Topics Replies Last Reply
Pagan Discussion
An area for general Pagan conversation
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Earth, Land and Sea - Druids Topics Replies Last Reply
Druidry General Discussion
General conversation for those on a Druid path
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Lore of Flora and Fauna
Conversation about animals, and plants in the context of Druidry as practiced today.
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Wicca Topics Replies Last Reply
Wicca General Discussion
General Conversation about Wicca. Please remember to respect each other's differences. Keep our Community Guidelines in mind ;)
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Eclectic and Solitary Wicca
Conversation for those who are Eclectic or Solitary practitioners.
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Traditional Wicca
Conversation and topics pertaining to traditional Wiccan paths.
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Polytheism Topics Replies Last Reply
For conversation about Greek and Roman Polytheism
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Celtic Polytheism
Discussion regarding Celtic Polytheism
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Eastern Polytheism
Egyptian, Canaanite, Sumerian etc - discuss here!
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Western Esotericism Topics Replies Last Reply
For all conversation regarding Neoplatonism
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For those wanting to discuss the Hermetic path
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Discuss the works found at Nag Hammadi, your favourite Gnostic Gospels, or other similarly related topics
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For conversations regarding the Occult Arts and Practices in General. Magic, Alchemy and more.
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