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Website Information. Read Here First
Please read for our Community Guidelines and tips for using the site.
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rimsupport · Yesterday, 03:24
In Contact to Cassandra Technical Support to Add or Remove Column Families in a Working Cluster in Cassandra
Site Updates or News
Any news, changes or other relevant info about the website will be found here.
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rimsupport · May 2
In Recover from Accidently Deleted Data through Cognegic's Exchange Database Recovery
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Meet and Greet
Take a moment to introduce yourself
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Birch · Jan 30 '17
In Greetings from British Columbia Canada
Tavern Talk
Pull up a chair, grab your favourite brew (be it ale or bean juice) and share in some conversation - you want to be off topic? THIS is the place to be!
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Odeughibge · Apr 19
In New You are able to Islanders goaltender Jones Greiss
Hearth and Garden Topics Replies Last Reply
In the Kitchen
Share some of your favourite recipes for food and beverage
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Healing Naturally
Share your recipes for salves, balms and tinctures - keeping in mind that the ideas shared here are not a replacement for medical treatment.
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JenMLferan · Apr 20
In Brent Eats away at from the San Jose Sharks can't steer
Round the Garden
What's growing in your garden? Share gardening tips, pictures and ideas.
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Divination Topics Replies Last Reply
To discuss favourite decks, methods, spreads and more.
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Nalsjndad · Apr 19
In SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) Evgeni Malkin found the purpose
The Pagan Umbrella Topics Replies Last Reply
Pagan Discussion
An area for general Pagan conversation
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Earth, Land and Sea - Druids Topics Replies Last Reply
Druidry General Discussion
General conversation for those on a Druid path
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Lore of Flora and Fauna
Conversation about animals, and plants in the context of Druidry as practiced today.
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Wicca Topics Replies Last Reply
Wicca General Discussion
General Conversation about Wicca. Please remember to respect each other's differences. Keep our Community Guidelines in mind ;)
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Eclectic and Solitary Wicca
Conversation for those who are Eclectic or Solitary practitioners.
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Traditional Wicca
Conversation and topics pertaining to traditional Wiccan paths.
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Polytheism Topics Replies Last Reply
For conversation about Greek and Roman Polytheism
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Celtic Polytheism
Discussion regarding Celtic Polytheism
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Eastern Polytheism
Egyptian, Canaanite, Sumerian etc - discuss here!
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Western Esotericism Topics Replies Last Reply
For all conversation regarding Neoplatonism
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For those wanting to discuss the Hermetic path
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Discuss the works found at Nag Hammadi, your favourite Gnostic Gospels, or other similarly related topics
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For conversations regarding the Occult Arts and Practices in General. Magic, Alchemy and more.
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